Could more countries joining NATO have an impact on US spending? A local professor weighs in

DELMARVA- A local political science professor weighs in on the impacts that other countries joining NATO could have on the United States.

Dr. Sam Hoff, a George Washington Distinguished Professor in Delaware, said given how the invasion of Ukraine has led to fatalities and destruction of cities neighboring areas want to join NATO. They think being in NATO could help protect their people. recently Finland and Sweden want to join the alliance.
But, some people are concerned it will mean more U.S. dollars spent in other counties if they ever needed the United States help.

“There’s always going to be some domestic criticism there’s sort of America first group that believes that trying to intervene is only risky and spending money outside of the U.S. is putting it in the wrong area, or that we are not looking at our priorities in the right way,” Dr. Hoff said.

Dr. Sam Hoff said the United States already spends more than twice the amount of all NATO countries in Defense spending and in the future he thinks the alliance could try and equalize that spending.

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