Award-winning Poplar Hill Mansion festival returns, immersing the community in history

SALISBURY, Md.  -An award-winning festival that began in 2018centered around Salisbury’s first hospital, and oldest house; The Poplar Hill Mansion. “This is my favorite property in the city of Salisbury and I love sharing that rich history and the Salisbury history that not many people know about,” says Sarah Meyers, Curator of the mansion.

After taking two years off from COVID, the festival returned to immerse community members in the mansion’s rich history. Visitors from every walk of life got an up-close look at the period between the war of 1812, and modern-day Salisbury. “I’m so thrilled right now seeing everybody from the community coming out, a lot of people, it’s just been a steady stream of people coming in so far,” says Meyers. President of the Friends of Poplar Hill Mansion organization, David Scheid adds, “To see how it has changed and yet how this culture that we represent that was here was a major influence in the formation of what we now live.”

The festival included War of 1812 re-enactors, vendors with period current and historical art, tours of the mansion, dancers, goats, and a colorful and iconic mayday pole. All of this comes together to paint the picture of what life was like at the Poplar Hill Mansion. “It’s a wonderful way to see what the federal period, that would be the federal period, what it was like,” says Scheid. He adds, “It’s great to have the public come back and have this great treasure that’s theirs.”

The Friends of Poplar Hill  Mansion, the city of Salisbury, and the mansion’s curator are tasked with maintaining the original integrity of the mansion and the land. We’re told this festival helps to keep history alive for generations. “We’re hoping to get more involvement and more participation from the community so they can all share in this, it’s not just our volunteers and the performers who are doing things, it’s the community coming together and doing these performances,” says Meyers. Scheid adds, “These things do not occur in isolation that everything weaves into the fabric of what we now know as Salisbury.”

The mansion hosts tours from 12-4 on Fridays and Sundays. For more information, you can visit their website.

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