“They are a valuable part of public safety:” DE bill aims to protect K-9s in the line of duty

DELAWARE – Some Delaware lawmakers are trying to protect police dogs.

There’s a bill that could allow paramedics and other emergency medical service personnel to provide care to K-9s injured at the scene of an emergency. The sponsor of the bill said with the growing need for canines in high intense situations there’s a possibility they can get injured or killed. So some said the passing of this bill could ultimately save a life.

“These dogs go through regular training and it costs thousands of dollars to train them, they are a valuable part of public safety,” Representative Stephen Smyk, said. “This is a tool that we should not just allow to die, we should try to help them as much as we can.”

The bill does clarify that in a situation where a person and a canine need medical attention at the same time the emergency personnel are not able to choose the canine over the human being.

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