Local professor weighs on 2022 primary elections

DELMARVA — Primaries just started not too long ago and will continue through September. Right now, Democrats are trying to maintain their control of the US Senate and the US House of Representatives.

A Political Science Professor we spoke with said it’s almost a rule of thumb that the President’s party loses seats during midterm elections. And, while President Biden’s popularity isn’t that high now, due to current issues the country is facing, he said it’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

“Normally, we look at local, regional issues having the most impacts in midterm elections and if we take the economy we can certainly say while unemployment is low we are looking at a 40-year high for inflation and that issue doesn’t boast well for the democrats,” Dr. Sam Hoff, a George Washington Distinguished Professor, said.

Dr. Hoff said he believes the Democrats will hang on to the Senate, but he can’t say the same for the House. He says there are more seats to defend with the amount of retirements they’ve had.

“If you take the theory that a higher turnout will advantage democrats, then that seems to be fairly good news,” Dr. Hoff said. “In the Senate, as opposed to the House, it looks a little bit more rosy for Democrats since 34 seats are up and of those, 20 have to be defended by Republicans.”

As a reminder, the primary date for the election for Maryland is July 19th, and for Delaware is September 13th.

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