Dover Police Department warning community members of scam attempt going around

DOVER, Del. – The Dover Police Department is alerting the community of a recent scam attempt.

The department said Thursday morning one of their officers received a voice mail from a number stating they were a representative of the agency and used actual officers’ names. The scammer said they needed to call this officer about an urgent matter. Police said they then called the number back and no one answered.

The Dover Police Department said scams like this happen pretty often and they want make sure the public is aware.

“This isn’t the first time we have seen a scam like this, we’ve seen it on multiple occasions where they have used our officer’s names and either sent a text message, a voice mail, or phone call, and ultimately what they end up doing is trying to ask you for money to clear a warrant, bail somebody out,” Sgt. Mark Hoffman, PIO for Dover PD, said.

The Dover Police Department says if you’re concerned you’re getting one of these calls, you should hang up and call the actual department to find out if it’s fake or not.

They added, that if you know someone in the elderly population, you should inform them of this scam because they might not see the alert.

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