The Brightside: Let’s Get Lit Candle Studio

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – A small studio tucked away in Princess Anne is home to some beautiful, sweet smelling candles, but they don’t just sell the goods to customers. Community members can go into the shop and create their own candle masterpieces.

“We are a make your own candle studio, we have an opportunity for guests to come and make their own soy wax candle,” Kristine White said. She’s the woman behind the doors of Lets Get Lit Candle Studio. She opened the studio just a few weeks ago, but she’s no stranger to making candles.

“I started making them to help my son who had some medical expenses, we have a little boy who had some medical problems, and so I started them and selling them at Third Friday in Downtown Salisbury about 3 years ago,” she said.

She says it was that time period where she learned her new passion and saw how much the community rallied around her family.

“I had so much fun doing that, I loved making the candles, I loved meeting the community and people,” Kristine said.

Since then, Kristine says her son’s medical problems have thankfully resolved. But she was already hooked on candle making.

“So I thought how can I still offer candles and candle making, and so what better way than to let people just come and make their own candles,” she explained.

And so she looked around for a place to set up shop, gathered the supplies. and finally opened her doors. Now, she hosts group events, birthday parties, mom and son classes, and more.

“The age group is like unlimited, so basically we had all the way from little ones, like 5-year-olds come in, and they’re so cute making their candles, and then we’ve had groups of senior ladies come in,” she said.

Kristine says she’s just happy for her little corner in Princess Anne that’s giving people not only a candle, but memories.

“I really love candles, I love the candle making process, and I want to share that with others,” she said.

Kristine also says she makes sure her ingredients in her candle scents are phthalate free, meaning they have cleaner ingredients. If you want to book a candle class, just pay a visit to the Lets Get Lit Candle Studio Facebook page.


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