Officer involved shootings on the rise

WICOMICO CO., Md. – Across the nation, officer involved shootings are on the rise. And according to Sheriff Mike Lewis, that’s also the case in Wicomico County.

It’s no secret that over the past year, many videos have gone viral, showcasing arrests gone wrong.
And while community members are using their cellphones to capture wrongful arrests, it’s also impacting officers.

Sheriff Lewis tells 47ABC, the filming is discouraging arrests.
In fact, he says since January, there has been a serious decrease in arrests and traffic stops.

“You didn’t hear about these types of attacks on police officers. But they have really been emboldened in the last 12 to 18 months. Not just embolden but encouraged in many cases to resist arrest, not comply with law enforcement commands, and whenever that happens it’s a recipe for disaster,” said Sheriff Lewis.

He also tells 47ABC, some of his officers are so discouraged… they’re even considering leaving the force.

This past month, two officers were involved in an arrest that went wrong. The incident left both of the officers injured and one of them was crushed by a suspect’s vehicle. It’s an incident that Sheriff Lewis says, isn’t talked about or caught on video.

He says during his time as Sheriff, he’s never seen a climate quite like this.

“Unfortunately, most cops today are looking the other way. Because no one wants to be the next viral video tape, no one wants to lose their financial security, they don’t want to lose their homes to a lawsuit, and that’s exactly what’s happening and it’s a darn shame,” explained Lewis.


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