Jay Copeland takes on Hollywood Week with American Idol

SALISBURY, Md. — Jay Copeland, the 23-year-old singer from Salisbury is currently on American Idol.

Copeland tells us this week is Hollywood week, which consists of different rounds, including the genre round. Which he gets to skip as a platinum ticket holder. The other 2 rounds are duets and showstopper, the final judgment round. That is the round where you get to find out who the top 24 are. But before we get there Jay gives us a sneak peek of what to expect.

“You’re going to see the first week of Hollywood, the first day and there’s going to be something special going on that night so I would encourage everyone to please tune in. Make sure to be tuned in on Monday night at 8 pm on ABC to watch American Idol first Hollywood week,” Jay says.

Copeland says it means a lot to have the support he’s had thus far to get him where he is with American Idol. So if you’d like to follow his journey, tune in tonight.

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