‘He could’ve been dead today…’ Concerned parent speaks out after drug use at school

WICOMICO CO., Md – Mary Walsh reached out to 47 ABC after her son was found using drugs in school.
And to make matters worse, Walsh says, she was never alerted by the school.

“I was hurt. My son is only 14 and you send him to school for safety and you never think that in school he would be introduced to the gateway drug of marijuana,” explained Walsh.

Hurt is just one of the many words, Mary Walsh is using to describe how she feels, after finding out that her 14-year-old son was smoking marijuana.

“He was honest and he said… ‘Ma this is what’s happening.’ And then I said ‘Who knew?’ And he told me and he said the staff members name and I instantly wrote a letter to the staff member,” said Walsh.

Her son’s response shocked her.
A staff member knew he was involved in drug use… and never told her.
So she took matters into her own hands… by emailing all school personnel to set up a meeting.

“How could you allow this to happen in today’s world when drug use is out of control? You could have helped me and deal with it… and you didn’t,” said Walsh.

47ABC reached out to Wicomico County School officials and this is the statement they provided us:

Wicomico County Public Schools staff and leadership care greatly for the health and well-being of our students as well as for the maintenance of a safe learning environment for everyone in our schools.  Our Student Alcohol/Controlled Dangerous Substance Policy (section included below) includes information about responsibilities as well as penalties for violations. There is also information in the WCPS Code of Conduct detailing the referral of students with tobacco, alcohol or drug violations to appropriate health/mental health services through the Wicomico County Health Department, all of which are provided at no charge to the family.
All school personnel are required to report all suspected drug activity to the proper school administrator. Students seeking information to overcome any form of drug abuse will be afforded preservation of rights as defined in ED. §7-412.

When Walsh met with school officials Monday morning… this is what she learned.

“His privacy is what the staff member said. That he had the right to privacy. I’m like ‘he’s 14 years old… he has no rights to privacy,'” Walsh shared.

During their meeting, the school told Walsh that it was up to staff to notify administration they then reach out to the Health Department.
From there, the Health Department would contact the parent to set up a program.
According to Walsh, her child slipped through the cracks.
The teacher who knew, allegedly never followed protocol.

“He could be dead today because they kept their mouths quiet,” said Walsh.

Now the mother is making it her mission, to ensure no Delmarva parent has to go through this.

“Let’s reach out and help these kids. They’re the next generation of this world.”

To learn more about the Wicomico County School’s Drug Policy, click here.



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