Georgetown site added to federal superfund list for groundwater clean-up

GEORGETOWN, Del. –  The first step to groundwater clean-up took place today in Georgetown Friday afternoon.

Senator Tom Carper held a conference at a new federal superfund site, that was originally used for chemical dumping from a laundromat that contaminated the ground, and water sources nearby. 

Senator Carper tells 47 ABC, labeling the site as a super fund allows federal dollars to be used to prevent any more damage to the environment.

“Before the clean-up can begin the designation had to occur what it does is open a flow of money from the federal government, that needs to be cleaned up for safer drinking water and for safer living there,” Senator Carper said. 

The Laundromat had been depositing chemicals such as PFEAS into the ground. But with $3.5 billion renewed for the federal superfund program, this site can now be one of the 49 sites on the EPA backlog.

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