Down Syndrome Association of Delaware comments on World Down Syndrome Day and how the community can help

DELAWARE – March 21st is “World Down Syndrome Day,” which was recently recognized as a national holiday in Delaware by Governor John Carney.

47 ABC spoke with the Down Syndrome Association of Delaware about their thoughts on the day and their mission. Lauren Gates, an Executive Director with the association says this day is filled with mix-matched colored socks to start a conversation and bring awareness to down syndrome. She says they want to continue making an impact in the Down syndrome community and normalizing their place in society.

The association encourages people to treat those with down syndrome just like anyone else, stating, “They’re more alike than different.” Gates also tells us, they’ve made strides in the medical community to help those with down syndrome live longer, healthier lives, but they still have a long ways to go. “That’s a big issue within our community is they don’t have great housing options, finding a job that fits their skill set sometimes is difficult so being open to expanding options for those adults is something we’re really going to be focusing on in the next couple years because it is a big pivotal thing that a lot of adults are struggling with,” says Gates.

Gates also says the DSAD is looking for volunteers to help with their events and summer camps, and she encourages businesses to look into hiring those with Down syndrome.

To learn more, you can visit their website.

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