Designer’s Edge Salon holds fundraiser for hairstylist in ICU from Covid complications

SALISBURY, Md- Designer’s Edge Hair Salon is launching a fundraiser and a GoFundMe page to help Tammy Lynch Coleman, a stylist at the salon currently in the hospital with complications related to covid-19.

Designer’s Edge owner Teena Twilley tells us Coleman has been in and out of the hospital for a month, before being placed back in the ICU earlier this week. Twilley tells us her staff has come together to help raise a goal of 5,000 dollars for Coleman, her husband, and 3 children.

Her staff wore all purple in solidarity with Coleman and set up a Godfundme, a cash donation box, and a raffle for multiple items that people can pay to register for.

“She is now fighting for her life and we wanted to do something to help Tammy and her family she has 3 children and husband and our DE family here in 24 hours has put together a raffle donation it is amazing to see your clients coming, coming together and support her,” she said.

She tells us the fundraiser has raised over 3,500 hundred dollars currently and will remain running in stores and online until early next week.

The GoFundMe link is available here, as well as on the Designer’s Edge Salon Facebook page.


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