DE lawmakers hoping to give consumers relief at the pump, as gas prices soar

DELAWARE- Consumers have been feeling the pinch at the pump recently, it’s one of the major impacts of the country cutting ties with Russian oil imports. And, now with gas prices soaring some Delaware lawmakers are looking to address it.

“We are just hearing from constituents up and down the state, you know why doesn’t Delaware do something,” Senator Brian Pettyjohn said.

Sen. Pettyjohn recently introduced a bill to suspend a fuel tax on both gasoline and diesel products. He said Maryland has already gotten behind the initiative creating consequences for the First State.

“I have heard from constituents and know people that take a little trip and do a multi purpose trip down to Salisbury and do some shopping at the mall and fill up on gas while they are down there, so I know that Delaware is losing some tax revenue,” Sen. Pettyjohn said.

But that’s not all, Senator Pettyjohn explains a fuel tax holiday could be positive for businesses.

“A lot of people use their own vehicles here in Delaware, businesses use vehicles and are also drastically affected by the increase in energy costs,” Sen. Pettyjohn said.

Delaware resident Joseph Boyce said he agrees this could give businesses relief at the pump.

“The company I work for we run 5 trucks everyday, steady pretty much everyday, and our fuel costs have doubled and it’s hurting everybody’s bottom line,” Boyce said.

But not all are in favor. Another Delaware resident said he doesn’t think a fuel tax holiday would make a difference because it would be short lived, and instead, wants see the issue handled differently.

“I think they need to turn around and start making gasoline again, it’s ridiculous that everybody else in the other countries are going back to producing theirs,” Thomas Bingham said. “If they can do it, and when we can do it, and we can offer it to other places, we need to do it.”

Senator Pettyjohn said even if this doesn’t pass he hopes it starts conversation that Delaware needs to have more relief if this does ever happen again.

He also said he is hearing concerns with a gas tax holiday because it could violate some conditions of the State’s Transportation Authority bonds.

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