86-Room hotel moving in across from DE Turf, hoping to have an economic impact in Frederica

FREDERICA, Del .- Frederica is scoring big with The SpringHill Suites by Marriott moving into the area’s newest development, Asbury Square.

“I’m proud that the hotel is really of that kind of that first progression here at the Asbury Square development we’re talking with a number of different businesses, restaurant businesses, convenience in gas folks,” Michael Meoli, hotel managing partner, said.

The 86-room hotel will sit across the regional sports complex, DE Turf. It will be a lodging option for those coming to the area for visitors enjoying all the action at the sports complex.

“It’s ideal for this particular location, especially in terms of visualization to the DE turf, expanded rooms, perfect for families, it’s going to have an indoor pool,” Meoli said.

“I think what they envisioned with the approval and the inception of the DE Turf that you would see these residential businesses come to this area,” Bill Strickland, Chair of DE Turf Board of Directors, said.

With the combination of the sports complex and the new businesses that will open, project leaders are hoping to bring in tourism and the big bucks.

“When you have properties that facilitate overnight stays that really is a catalyst for all other economics in the area, so whether it’s restaurants whether it’s retail whether it’s the different services that come along with that,” Meoli said.

And, while construction of the hotel still has a ways to go, according to the Mayor of Frederica, it’s been a long time coming.

“We need more diversity in the town this is going to bring a motel, someplace to eat hopefully a gas station, everybody in town has been wanting a gas station for years, and hopefully this is going to give us everything we are going to need,” Mayor William “Chick” Glanden said.

Where it stands now, the hotel is on track to open around late March 2023.

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