“We’re just hoping that her legacy will be a catalyst for change:” DSU scholarship fund helps young mothers pursue their education

DOVER, Del. The first’s states only HBCU is looking to provide young mothers financial support as they pursue a higher education.

The ‘Words Are A Creative Force’ Endowed Scholarship Fund at Delaware State University was established to honor the legacy of DSU President Dr. Tony Allen’s mother, R. Letha Allen.

Annually, the fund will award a young mother graduating high school a scholarship who want’s to pursue her education at the university.

We’re told, Allen was a teenage mother herself but despite the odds was successful. Family say they hope to inspire future scholars through her story. “She would be happy to see that young ladies in a similar circumstance as she was in will have the opportunity to rear their child and have greater possibilities and opportunities,” Co-Chair Tara Anderson said. “We’re just hoping that her legacy will be a catalyst for change for those individuals and they’ll be many more Letha Allen’s running around to share and tell the stories of possibilities.”

The Allen family is taking donations for the scholarship fund  which has now reached over $170,000.

If you would like to donate or want to know more information on the scholarship, click here 

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