The Brightside: Salisbury University student creates historic walking tour

SALISBURY, Md. – One Salisbury University student is using the resources at her fingertips to teach her community about their own history.

“I grew up in Pocomoke City, it’s not too far from Salisbury, and I didn’t know a lot about the Black history of Salisbury,” Allison Stancil said.

Allsion, a Digital Humanities intern at the University’s Nabb Research Center, is on a mission to get people moving, while also learning about history in Wicomico County.

“I was told I could pick any project that I wanted to do, and after kind of going through different things, we ended up landing on a Black History walking tour of Salisbury,” she said.

As an intern, Allison had access to archives, photographs, and tons of documents and materials that helped her learn more about that history. Some of it, she says, she had never even heard of. For example, she says she was stunned to hear of all of the historic businesses in one neighborhood in particular.

“There were so many different businesses in Georgetown, like there was the bicycle shop, Joe Cornish’s bicycle shop,” she said. “There was the funeral home, there were so many tailor shops and barbers and restaurants and bars on Lake Street.”

She used that kind of information to design the walking tour that goes through areas like the Lake Street Entertainment District, the Wicomico County Courthouse, and so much more. While walking, people can listen to the tour online and soak in all of that history. She says at the end of the tour, she just wants people to walk away with a new understanding of their very own community.

“I really hope that by taking this walking tour, that people really think about their surroundings, I hope they think about the people that are around them, the different places,” Allison said.

If you’re interested in doing the walking tour, you can find more information, including the link to the download here.

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