New legislation addresses current gas tax increase in Maryland


MARYLAND. – Maryland lawmakers are aiming to cut the gas tax in the state, which could impact the price you see at the pump.

Senate Bill 337 was introduced in the Senate Budget & Taxation hearing Tuesday, which repeals the annual auto gas tax increase legislation passed back in 2013. Lawmakers say gas prices continuing to rise and inflation at the highest it’s been in decades are indicators that the gas tax will increase, which should be determined by a vote.

“What I think this legislation does is what we should’ve done in the first place. If people want to raise the gas tax there should be a vote to raise it. There shouldn’t just be an automatic gas increase that’s in place every single year and doesn’t require a vote,” Senator Michael Hough said.

“Without the passing of this legislation, there will be a $37 million dollar tax increase in FY23 on Marylanders which will go up in fiscal year 2027 up to a $117 million dollar tax increase.”

We’re also told only two other states tie their gas tax to the consumer price index which are Florida and New Hampshire.

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