Major Salisbury Drug Bust

Kevin Corton Monique Windsor Nicholas Garnett Kimberly Worley Franklin Dunn

SALISBURY, Md- A drug bust in Salisbury lead to multiple arrests and police recovering over five hundred packs of hard drugs as well as a semi-auto handgun

It unfolded February 24th after concerns from community members of drug deals happening around the two hundred block of Marshall Street.

Around 1:30 in the afternoon, Salisbury police stopped a car leaving the area, a search was conducted and heroin was found.

30 year old Monique Windsor and 39-year-old Kevin Corton were placed under arrest.

Later that day, around 3:30,  information of drug deals happening around the five hundred block of Buena Vista Avenue led to officers stopping two vehicles leaving the area.

upon searching one vehicle, 22-year-old Nicholas Garnett and 30-year-old Kimberly Worley were placed under arrest for evidence of cocaine use.

In the other stop, 36 year old Franklin Dunn also arrested for cocaine and heroin with intent to distribute.

The Salisbury Police department then searched the home on Marshall Street and found over five hundred packs of heroin, crack and powered cocaine and a semi auto handgun along with 9 thousand dollars.

This investigation is ongoing anyone with information should contact the SPD Criminal Investigation division.


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