Local polling place ensuring safe and secure voting for next election

SALISBURY, Md. – In a recent ABC news report, polling places across the country are losing workers after the controversy surrounding the 2020 election. 47 ABC checked in with one of our local election boards to learn about the steps they’re taking to ensure a safe and secure voting process.

The Director of the Wicomico County board of elections, Anthony Gutierrez says they’ve been lucky because they’ve held on to their employees while also gaining trust in the community.

He says COVID-19, as well as mail-in voting, made the last presidential election difficult and that mistrust from the community didn’t help things. However, the director also says, he and his staff hold themselves to a higher standard to gain and keep the public’s trust. “A lot of our poll workers have signed up to return to help us out and that makes it so much easier for us to do or pre-planning, our preparation, and they’re just committed to the process, committed to helping their fellow voters in Wicomico County,” says Gutierrez. He adds, “It’s designed to have members of the community come forward to ensure that the security is done and that the integrity of elections is intact.”

The board will soon be tackling the June 28th primaries in Maryland and the November general election, following that.

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