“I always am burnt out and exhausted:” Wor-Wic nursing students facing challenges, while staying motivated

SALISBURY, Md.-Wor-Wic Community College nursing students are working hard to learn the in’s and out’s of the profession, and they said although they’ve had some challenges during COVID-19, they’re still motivated to keep going.

“I try to infuse in them the passion I have for nursing,” Chelsea Milligan, a nursing instructor, said.

“I think I have a lot to offer in healthcare, this is the only thing that I know,” Triciainette Elzey, a nursing student said.

“It’s always been something that I’ve enjoyed to give back to my community,” Barry Outten, a nursing student, said.

For two Wor-Wic Community College nursing students, they said in some capacity COVID-19 changed their work environment, whether that be masking up or working overtime.

“It’s not really same because you can’t really see the facial expressions,” Elzey said. “I mean you can go in and get that one to one contact, but you have like a barrier in between you guys.”

“We are definitely doing like crisis mode, we are all working as many hours as we can,” Outten said.

On top of that, Outten said juggling school adds to the stress.

“I always am burnt out and exhausted, I work 12 hour shifts and then I go to school all day long and it’s not always easy and sometimes you want to be like I don’t want to read that book tonight,” Outten said.

But, he reminds himself he has a goal to reach.

“I haven’t been able to tell myself no you’re not doing this, you’re going into work, you’re going to read those books,” Outten said.

And, with the help of Milligan, she’s making sure her students stay on track.

“Making sure they are prepared to deal with patients who have COVID-19, how to stay protected, how to keep them from burning out, and how to keep them from loving the profession,” Milligan said.

But, even with all the bumps in the road for these nursing students they’re choosing to look at the lives they’re making a difference in.

“We don’t always have the greatest time there, but having someone say thank you for what you’re doing has definitely been so rewarding for me,” Outten said.

Milligan also said she tries to make learning fun with activities and teaches students the importance of self-care.

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