Cartoonist highlights Ukraine connection to Ocean City through art

OCEAN CITY, Md. – An Ocean City artist is using his work to show people here on the Eastern Shore that what’s happening in Ukraine has a deeper connection to some of us here.

Marc Emond is a cartoonist in the resort town, and his most recent art highlights the tension in Ukraine. He posted the art on Instagram. The art says, “For decades Ukrainians have worked hand in hand with us in Ocean City. This war isn’t happening to strangers.”

Marc says he wanted to highlight just that, that communities impacted by the invasion are no strangers to the eastern shore. Oftentimes, people from Ukraine come to work in the resort town as J1 Visa workers.

“A lot of people in ocean city have met Ukrainians over the years, and worked with them side by side in businesses in Ocean City, and Ukrainians have fallen in love and married Americans,” Marc said.

Marc says he’s happy to see people sharing his art and even happier to see comments and messages from Ukrainians who have reached out to him saying they’ve worked in Ocean City and built connections there.

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