Birds and insect population declining, environmentalist educates community on how to help

SUSSEX CO., Del. – A local environmental scientist is warning the Sussex County community about a serious problem among insects and birds.

Entomologist Ashley Kennedy says America has lost over a quarter of its bird population and almost 40% of bird species could be gone by the end of the century.
Kennedy says this is largely due to the decline in insects, which are 96% of some birds’ diets.

Between habitat loss, feral and domestic cats, and power lines, she says birds are struggling to survive. “We’re used to thinking of this as an environmental problem and a wildlife problem but we must start thinking of it as a human problem. The decline of biodiversity is the foundation of our economy, livelihood, and quality of life,” says Kennedy.

Kennedy conducted a study to find out which birds are being most affected, she also looked at the insects those birds need to bolster their diets. Kennedy says we can help create better habitats for birds and insects to thrive to maintain the current population and make it grow. “You can start with a balcony in an apartment building and put out a couple of potted plants. If you have a small yard or a big one, just start in one corner and get as many invasive plants out as you can,” says Kennedy. She adds, “Do what you can, the time you take stuff out and replace it, just one at a time, you’re helping.”

If you’d like to learn more about the bird species in danger, just click here.

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