Beebe Healthcare shines a light on National Guard helping during the pandemic

LEWES, Del.- The National Guard working at Beebe Healthcare was honored for their service Monday morning.

The hospital held a ceremony at the Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing to thank the soldiers for lending a helping hand through the pandemic.

Dr. David Tam, the CEO and President, of the hospital gave a speech and Beebe and National Guard leadership gave out awards to soldiers.

We are told the partnership between the National Guard and the health care workers was an eye opening one through these uncertain times.

“Coming in to be able to assist the hospital staff and trying to ease their load as well as serve our community is always a very rewarding experience and exactly why most of us joined the national guard,” Sgt. Joshua Bell, Utilities Equipment Repairer, said.

“The energy that they bring, the extra work the ability for the support, the physical support, but also for the psychological and emotional support to a staff that’s worked this for two years super tired,” Dr. Tam said.

Sergeant Bell with the National Guard said this experience has also brought learning curves like learning medical terms and proper COVID-19 care.

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