“We need to be talking about this:” Meeting for proposed Wicomico County project causing concerns

WICOMICO COUNTY, Md.- Maria Payan, with the Socially Responsible Agriculture Project, and Gabby Ross, with the Assateague Coastal Trust, are just two of the people a part of nine non-profits trying to make their voices heard on a proposed project being constructed in Wicomico County.

“What this facility is going to do is take in municipal sewage, poultry processing plant waste, as well as litter and it is going to be burned, which means there are emissions,” Payan said.

Both, the Socially Responsible Agriculture Project and Assateague Coastal Trust aren’t on board with what the project could bring.

“This is our Maryland tax payers dollars that are getting used to have these facilities that are just going to further burden communities, further pollute the air, and cause health impacts,” Ross said.

“This is less than a half of a mile from elementary school, there’s a middle school, there are tons of churches, playgrounds,” Payan said.

But that’s not all of their concerns, they’re asking the Salisbury-Wicomico County Planning and Zoning Commission to reschedule, relocate, and re-advertise the meeting.

“Right now, COVID is just rapidly rising, the rates it is not safe for community members where there is going to be a large controversial hearing to not schedule it in a way where people can socially distance,” Payan said.

And, they’d like to see translators at the meeting for populations that could be impacted by this facility.

“When you have a population where English is not the first language they are not able to participate in that without translators,” Payan said.

At this time, the meeting is scheduled for January 20th.

We did reach out to the county to see what they had to say about these concerns, but as of air time we have not heard back.

These non-profits will be having a webinar to talk about emissions, exposures, and public health on January 18 at 7 p.m.

Click here for the link to that event.

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