RNC Threatens to ban candidates from debates if rule change demands not met

WASHINGTON, DC- The Republican National Committee is asking for changes to the way Presidential Debates are held, and threatening to ban candidates from participating if they’re not made.
But DSU history and politics professor Dr. Samuel Hoff says the committee doesn’t really have the authority to stop candidates who want to participate.

The RNC says that they should have input on the debates’ format, moderators, as well as add their members to the board of the Presidential Debate Commission. The RNC also wants to have term limits for the board members as well as push back the time of the debates to take place before the first ballots could be cast from overseas soldiers.

They also say if these demands are not met, their candidates won’t be taking part in the debates.
But DSU professor Emeritus Sam Hoff says that threat doesn’t carry a lot of weight, despite any commitments candidates may make.

“I cannot see how the RNC could block a candidate at the general election procedure, who may have promised not to participate because the RNC is dissatisfied of the conditions, candidate for both parties know how critical the debates are even if they promised in January not to participate,” Hoff said.

Dr. Hoff also says by the time September and October of campaign season roll around, the candidates will most likely want a boost to their messaging, and he believes they’ll break any commitments to the RNC to black-list the debates.

He says he fears these demands may weaken public confidence in the non-partisan and apolitical Presidential Debates Committee.

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