Pharmacies, libraries, health departments gear up to distribute free KN95 masks

MARYLAND – Places like pharmacies are being a place of distribution and a hot spot for KN95 masks.

Kn95 masks are one of the next steps in trying to defeat this pandemic. The state is working with health departments, pharmacies, libraries, and doctors’ offices to get free masks out to the public. However, just like toilet paper, there are hoarding concerns and distribution centers want to make sure everyone is taken care of. “We just want to have the opportunity to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem,” says pharmacist and owner of Apple Discount Drugs, Jeff Sherr.

Travis Brown, with the Worcester County Health Department, tells us they’ll be getting shipments of masks in the next few weeks.  “We want to remind folks that masks are limited, we’re trying to make these last though we’re expecting additional shipments in the coming weeks which is nice to kind of just keep that going into the community,” says Brown.

Meanwhile, Seth Hershberger, Executive Director for Wicomico County Public Library says, library branches will also be distributing masks and test kits. We’re told the library has already seen long lines for their current supply, so they’re getting ready for whatever the next few weeks bring. “Just the system of making sure we’re treating everybody equally and everybody has a chance to get the masks and the resources and things that they need it has been a challenge but we’ve been glad to be a part of the solution,” says Hershberger.

Hershberger also tells us, being a part of the solution hopefully means helping life in Delmarva get back to normal. “We’re really excited that pretty soon people will feel more confident to get out and go to the library and get together with their neighbors and their friends here at this public location.”

However, before we get back to normal, these points of distribution are the next step. “As long as everyone is doing their part, hopefully, we’ll be lowering our rates significantly if everyone is being masked up and being careful,” says Brown. “Reminding to be mindful not just of yourself, but be mindful of the others around you,” says Sherr.

We’re also told many of the distribution sites are ready for the increase in foot traffic, but they just hope everyone can work together to come out of this pandemic.

Health officials also say each person can only get one pack of masks per household at the free distribution sites. Masks and test kits are available at all three Worcester County Health department buildings,  libraries, doctors’ offices, and pharmacies.

You can head to the Wicomico County Public Library website for updates on supply.

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