OBGYN explains possible risks for unvaccinated pregnant woman

SALISBURY, Md. – While COVID-19 continues to impact communities, one local OBGYN said she’s concerned about unvaccinated, pregnant patients.

Karin Dibari, an OBGYN at TidalHealth and President of TidalHealth Medical Partners, said she thinks there’s still vaccine hesitancy among those who are expecting. She also said that unvaccinated women are more likely to get sick and she is encouraging them to get vaccinated, especially after what she’s seeing in the delivery room.

“Almost all the pregnant patients that are having preterm delivery are unvaccinated, there are one or two deaths of a baby, unvaccinated, so vaccination is really beneficial,” Dibari said.

Fortunately, TidalHealth hasn’t seen any adverse effects on the baby if the pregnant patient has COVID-19.

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