Local business gets creative, staying afloat after the pandemic

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – The Blue Awning, a quaint little gift shop right in downtown Cambridge, is one of the many small businesses that managed to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-owner Beth Kline tells 47 ABC it wasn’t easy, but they found a way to make it work. “We’re just trying to think of creative ways to get people downtown so we can do that through our workshops,” says Kline.

Kline says they started their business just four years ago, and although they never predicted a pandemic, they say the uniqueness they bring to the city of Cambridge combined with the resident’s commitment to supporting businesses, may have kept them afloat. “It’s been a challenge but the community has been very supportive of all the businesses and restaurants,” says Kline.

We’re told The Blue Awning is more than just a place where antiques, trinkets, and creative gifts are sold, it also showcases local artists, and gives community members a space to connect and let their creative juices flow. “So we like that connection where people are visiting from out of town and they want to find something that they don’t see every place else, looking for something unique to this area,” says Kline.

Meanwhile, Rachele Orsini, a resident tells us she only recently moved to Cambridge and this shop has shown her a little taste of what the Eastern Shore is all about, while also giving her the space to grow her creativity. “They’re very warm here, and welcoming here, they really just treat us like family here and we’ve just had the best experience,” says Orsini.

Both Kline and Orsini say they hope the upcoming Ice & Oyster Festival will also highlight the small businesses that make Cambridge so unique. “Showcasing the small businesses here in the festivals hopefully will increase the tourism here in all of the months, not just the summer months,” says Orsini. Kline adds, “Really we’re trying to get people to come down to eat and shop and just really make Cambridge a destination.”

The Blue Awning and many other local businesses in Downtown Cambridge will be open during the Ice and Oyster festival next Friday and Saturday.

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