Gov. Carney focuses on recovery efforts and moving forward at 2022 ‘State of the State Address’

DELAWARE – The fight against the coronavirus, jobs and education in the first state, and how to move forward in 2022; these were just some of the topics that Delaware Governor John Carney touched on during Thursday’s “State of the State” address.

During the governor’s address, he focused the first state’s path forward, following a rough, pandemic-fueled 2021. “The word “coronavirus” meant nothing to most of us. We were looking forward to a bright year ahead,” says Gov. Carney. He states, “More than 300 members of the Delaware National Guard are at work right now helping take pressure off our hospitals, and getting Delawareans tested and vaccinated.”

The governor thanked Delawareans for their hard work during the pandemic but says there’s still plenty to accomplish this year. “As we recover from this pandemic, it’s clear that expanding economic opportunity for all Delaware families must be job number one,” says Gov. Carney.

The governor was focused on more than just first state jobs, he also addressed gun violence prevention measures, the need for mental health services, modernizing buildings for non-profits, strengthening public transportation, climate action, and much more.

However, according to Representative Ruth Briggs King, there are still a few major topics she wants to see addressed. “Things that were left unsaid were public safety. We certainly have increased concerns in the state with that with our aging population,” says Rep. Briggs-King.

She believes there are conflicts to enable a paid leave act while increasing the minimum wage, all while expecting small businesses to survive. “Putting financial constraints on them or requirements on them when they’re just coming out of the pandemic,” says Rep. Briggs-King.

Some of the major concerns discussed by republican legislators also include the impact that the pandemic has had on small businesses. Rep. Briggs-King says, although she agrees with a lot of what the governor touched on, there are still a lot of things that Gov. Carney didn’t address. She questions how the governor’s policies would help Delaware’s economy recover. “We’re focusing on the economy and job creation and job sustainability, we just don’t want to create a job that will go away because of regulations, we want to sustain that,” says Rep. Briggs-King.

Also on the radar of Delaware republicans, is how state money is going to be used. They also say the economy has to improve for everyone without hurting people’s wallets. “That’s what I want, accountability and transparency because there’s a lot of money that’s coming into Delaware through the taxpayer, through federal efforts so I want to hear about transparency and accountability with that money,” says Rep. Briggs-King. She adds, “It’s easy to say you’re allocating $50-million but where is it going, and is Sussex County getting its fair share of that allocation. Those are the things that go deeper that I’m always looking for.” However, she says these are concerns she will love to address during the general assembly.

Meanwhile, democratic representatives, Edward Osienski and Paul Baumbach also give their reaction, commending the Governor and his vision. “We’re pleased to invest in infrastructure projects such as roadways that benefit all Delawareans, clean water, expansion of broadband, and building new schools,” says Rep. Osienski. Rep. Baumbach adds, “We can invest in these overdue needs and this is the time we hit the dollars, so let’s invest there and have it serve our state for decades to come.”

However, all representatives say, they’re looking forward to the Governor’s budget coming out next week. “We can’t make investments in public education or infrastructure, or public safety without a long-term, sustainable financial plan,” says Gov. Carney.

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