CDP for Rehoboth, asking for public comment to move forward

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – The 2022 Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) for the city of Rehoboth is essentially guiding residents to the future. The document shapes the cities’ decisions on many topics such as land use, zoning, community character, community profile, and much more. “We have diligently tried to work our way through this process, but we’re not done,” says Chair of the Planning Commission, Michael Bryan.

We’re told this plan impacts everyone in the city. “Both residents who live here people that may be thinking about coming to the city and things of that nature,” says Lauren Good, a consultant with Wallace Montgomery, the planning and engineering firm who was hired to assist the city in completing the plan.

Among the many topics and concerns laid out in the CDP, are housing, economic development, land use, and recreation. However, Bryan tells us, there’s been a large emphasis on outdoor dining. “It may affect population and demands upon services of the city if more people are living Rehoboth full time by way of telecommuting, that changes what your water and sewage needs are.”

Meanwhile, Good says their major focus is the public, and how their input can better shape some of the plans in the CDP. “Something that the city is looking for and can implement and use over the next 7 to 10 year period.”

We’re also told, the document needed to be user-friendly to best help the residents who it will subsequently affect, “Hopefully those who live in the city and work in the city and what not can have a document that you should be able to read in 60 minutes or less,” says Bryan.

Both Bryan and Good agree, although they’re still drafting plans public input is the only way they can move the plans forward. “Hopefully at the end of the day, the board of commissioners will find what we’re working on to be acceptable and it can be forwarded to the state for approval,” says Bryan.

The city of Rehoboth is asking for written public comment, by January 13th.

If you’re a resident of Rehoboth Beach and would like to take a look at the plan, click here. If you would like to give input, click here.

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