Arborist gives tips for caring for trees before next snowstorm

DELMARVA – As officials continue cleaning up after Monday’s snowstorm, a Maryland Arborist is helping residents prepare their trees for the next weather event.

According to a local arborist, part of the clean-up after a snowstorm is fallen trees, limbs, and branches. Which we’re told happens because of heavy snow, ice, and wind that can cause damage to trees, and at times become a hazard for houses, cars, and even people.

That’s why they say it’s important to be practice caring for your trees such as fertilizing, watering, and pruning. So when the next storm hits, the trees will be in a healthier condition to bear the effects of a winter storm. “The tree will heal faster and it will heal more appropriately which again goes back to proactive work which allows for less access for those diseases and pathogens,” says Lou Meyer, a Maryland arborist. He adds, “Caring for them either professionally like we do or emotionally life homeowners do is an important thing to ensure that our environment is a success.”

Meyer also tells 47 ABC, trees are essential to our way of life, the health of the bay, and Maryland in general.

If you need an arborist to come to your home to check out your tree landscape, you can contact Delmarva Arborist.

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