Train enthusiasts keep the model train hobby alive, passing it onto younger generations

SNOW HILL, Md. – A local railroad club is trying to revive a classic hobby, all while taking community members on a ride through history. “The busier it is, the easier it is to keep this place open,” says Frank Deuter, engineer, and president of the Corddry Company Crossing Model Railroad Club.

Deuter tells 47 ABC, trains have had a special place in his heart since he was a kid. He says now he’s using technology to get today’s kids inspired. “It’s one of those things that’s starting to fade away on the Eastern shore and it’s great to get the kids into it.”

Michael Davenport, 8 years old, and Jakob Fernandez, who is 10 years old, say even though they’re young, they already have what it takes to be a train conductor. Both tell us, they’ve built layouts, learned how to operate, and even fixed and care for the model trains. “I just really enjoy building layouts and showing it to the public, not just for myself,” says Fernandez. Davenport adds, “And then when kids come in they ask if we’re running the trains and we say yes, and we sometimes we let them blow the whistle.”

Davenport and Fernandez say they’ve been intrigued by model trains since they were young, just like Deuter. “I kept on begging Frank to see the controls and then he finally showed me one and then he finally let me drive the train when I was really young and that was the time of our life,” says Davenport.

We’re told this isn’t just a fun hobby for Davenport and Fernande, they’ve also learned some important life skills from tinkering with trains. “And all these kids are going to play these video games and not things they build in their hands and the hobbies just going to go away,” says Fernandez.

However, all three train enthusiasts tell us, the friendship between club members is thriving, just going to show that no matter how old you are, with a little inspiration, and a whole lot of curiosity, anyone can chug along with the railway legacy. “So when Frank doesn’t run this anymore, he’s going to pass it on to me and Jakob so we can run it, and then we can pass it on to someone else who wants to run it,” says Davenport.

Deuter also tells us, they’re planning to hold a kids camp this summer, but it is contingent on what’s happening with the COVID-19 pandemic by that point.

For more information on the club or the trains, just head to their website.

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