The Brightside: Project Sparkle On

DELAWARE – One 11 year old Delaware girl is busy serving the community, and she even started her own organization aimed at doing so.

“Project Sparkle on is a kindness and community service organization for youth in our community where we inspire others to get involved with acts of kindness and community service, and we give community service to younger people who have a hard time finding it,” Layla Gainer, the girl behind the group, said. “We have done street cleanups, we have our Dear Soldier crusade where we make cards and send them overseas for soldiers, and we have adopted nursing homes, and we have adopted over 500 seniors in care.”

It’s a group that keeps her busy, but happy. She says it all started when she was in pageants but had a hard time finding ways to give back.

“It all started when I got my first title, I was little Miss Delaware, and I was having a hard time finding community service, so I created my own organization so that little kids wouldn’t have a hard time and they’d be able to find some,” she explained.

But her hard work doesn’t just happen within Project Sparkle On. Layla’s mom, Jessica, says she goes above and beyond everywhere she goes.

“I’m proud, I’m very proud. She doesn’t stop at home, I’m a single mom and she’s a big help around the house, and then at school she has a 4.0 honor student, and then her community service has always been above and beyond,” Jessica said.

With thousands of hours of community service under her belt, hundreds of cards sent to troops over seas, and countless lives touched, we asked Layla – are you ever going to stop? For this 11-year-old, the answer was simple.

“No! I want to go as far as I can in the world, and I want to inspire a ton of people,” she said.

If you want to follow along with Layla’s work, just search “Project Sparkle On” on Facebook.

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