The Brightside: Meet Logan Scott

DELAWARE – One local high school student goes above and beyond year-round to make sure others feel cared for and seen. Her name is Logan Scott, also known as Pure International Junior Teen Delaware.

“At the Shepherd’s Office, every single time that people see me, they’re like, ‘Oh my God, the Queens here!’ and they get really happy,” Logan said.

The Pure International Junior Teen competition is all about confidence, opportunity, and giving back to the community. And it’s no wonder Logan, a sophomore at Delmar High School, won the title for the state of Delaware. That’s because when it comes to the Delmar community, few people give back more than her.

From working with the elderly and making cards for the Delmar Nursing Home, to helping to feed people experiencing homelessness, Logan says she just loves finding ways to get out in her community and get involved.

“It’s pretty crazy, like a couple years ago I wasn’t doing this, and now I’ve impacted a lot of people’s lives a lot,” Logan said.

While many high school students do community service to satisfy a graduation requirement, Logan tells us her school doesn’t even have that requirement. She says for her, it’s really all about just giving back.

“I think it’s important because you can stay involved with your community, you can’t forget about the elderly as well, and just people who are in need, you never know about someone, what happened to their life, and why they’re in that position,” she said.

So with two years left in high school, we asked her if she has plans of stopping anytime soon.

“No I do not,” she said. “I love doing community service, I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces after I help them out. It just warms my heart.”

If you want to follow along with Logan’s journey and her work you can find her on Facebook by searching Pure International Junior Teen Delaware Logan Scott.

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