Salisbury Kwanzaa Club gets together to celebrate holiday

PRINCESS ANNE, Md.- The Salisbury Kwanzaa Club hosted an event Thursday at the Princess Anne Library.

Kwanzaa is a week-long annual celebration to honor African heritage in African-American culture.

At the event, there was everything from food, to games, dancing- singing, and more.

There were also guest speakers who read poems and shared why celebrating this day is much needed.

“We have been de-culturalized African Americans have been de-culturalized ever since slavery and it’s important for us to know our roots and our heritage just to know who we are so we can know where we are going,” Demetria Marshall Leonard, Founder and President of Salisbury Kwanzaa Club, said.

“With everything going on, today a lot of people are caught up in social media so they lose insight of whats really going on, the history behind who they are personally and the history that brought us to where we are today,” Eric Ballard, a guest and Co-host of Mark Ballard Show, said.

The tradition focuses on the 7 principles of unity.

Thursday, they celebrated the 5th Day of Kwanzaa, which focuses on the principle of purpose.

A lesson we’re told is important to teach.

“The purpose is to actually restore our people back to their traditional greatness and it needs to be celebrated, its okay to celebrate our culture our history because we have been de-culturalized for a long time,” Marshall Leonard said.

“We are trying to show the world that we do have purpose here in this community and we reaching out and just shining that’s what we gotta do,” Mark Ballard, host of the event and Host of Mark Ballard Show, said.

The President of Salisbury Kwanzaa Club said since having their first event in 2019 they have expanded to new areas, and next year they plan on growing even more.

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