Farmers facing increased fertilizer prices

MARYLAND- A Maryland farmer tells 47ABC that it’s not just supply chain issues causing a headache, apparently so are international tariffs on fertilizer.

Farmer Virgil Shockley said this coming Spring, fertilizer prices are going to go up.

He added that one company in the US went to the International Trade Commission and complained that people in other countries are not paying enough tariffs, and unfairly shipping products like fertilizer.

“Trade tariffs are a terrible, terrible thing, never has been a good idea, never will be a good idea,” Shockley said. “You’re looking at a tariff, along with the combination of the tariff you’re looking at spring fertilizer being 400 a ton, 450 a ton, instead of the 350 the 300.”

Shockley also said tarrifs don’t just hurt farmers, they hurt the customer.

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