Delmarva pharmacies address prescription shortage issues


SALISBURY, Md. – Many items have been affected by the supply chain backup, and prescription drugs are one of the more serious ones. But here on Delmarva, local pharmacists are helping their customers navigate that issue.

It’s typically smooth sailing for customers at Salisbury’s Riverside Pharmacy, but the current supply chain backup recently created a tense situation when certain types of insulin became unavailable.

“Fortunately, most of the people had enough insulin to take care of it until our wholesalers had it back in stock. However, there were a few that did not have enough, so we took the liberty of finding out what their insurance would cover that would be comparable,” said Riverside Pharmacy pharmacist, Karla Christie.

Salisbury’s Pemberton Pharmacy & Gift has experienced similar shortages, and owner Craig Schury says his team is also reaching out to doctors for substitutions if a prescription isn’t available, stressing that a specific medication shortage should be the pharmacy’s problem and not the customer’s. He also says they’ve found solutions by using alternative wholesalers and working with other independent pharmacies.

“I don’t know of a case where we’ve had a customer have to go without a medication that we couldn’t find a solution to or something of that nature,” said Schury.

But that doesn’t mean Delmarva pharmacy customers should let their guards down. Both these pharmacies say that being proactive with your medication orders is a great way to help them prepare the essential medicines you need.

“Call them in a few days earlier, just so that we have a chance to source (your prescriptions) from somewhere else if we need to,” said Schury.

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