Coastkids program receives much needed funding from US Wind

BERLIN, Md. – The Assateague Coastal Trust Coast-kids program is getting a helping hand from US Wind.

We’re told US wind pledged $50,000 to help Delmarva’s youth immerse themselves in outdoor experiences ranging from kayaking to bird watching. The current program aims to help kids understand coastal ecosystems and how to take care of their environment.

A representative from US Wind tells 47 ABC that it’s not only paramount to conserve the Eastern shore, but it’s also important to get kids outside and familiar with their environment for the future.

“Assateague Coastal Trust is a small organization, they have limited staff and $50,000 can go a long way in helping them get the resources that they need to do this really important work with kids,” says Dave Wilson, Maryland Development Manager for US Wind. He adds, “So if you don’t understand something, you don’t know anything about it, you really don’t have a stake in, in understanding how important it is. And that’s really important as we move forward, not just with climate change, but with wildlife as well.”

Assateague Coastal Trust also adds, “Assateague Coastal Trusts’ Coast-kids program has been ongoing for 18 years, this funding will greatly support a variety of year-round family programs, school programs, outdoor activities, our summer camp, and much more.”

For more information on the program, just head to their website.

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