‘You don’t have to throw out the whole meal:’ experts say many healthy options available for holiday dinner

DELMARVA –  As the Thanksgiving Holiday is right around the corner, we checked in with local nutrition experts to see what options are available for those who want a more healthy dinner without breaking the bank.

It’s no secret, eating trends have changed over the years with the introduction of vegan and gluten-free options.

Experts say that doesn’t have to stop on the holiday because there can be many alternatives that allow you to still keep things festive. We’re told, the good news is that the current price spike in food hasn’t impacted things like fruits and vegetables, and adding more to your holiday meal could allow you more bang for your buck while also staying on track for health needs.

“You may only need to modify some recipes but you don’t have to throw out the whole meal,” TidalHealth Peninsula’s Clinical Dietitian Tamara Giles said. “Rather than having large turkey, they may have a large pumpkin filled with soup or pilaf with wild rice and cranberries. So it’s still something that feels grand and celebratory but something different than your traditional.”

Experts also advise you to choose water instead of juices or soda as your drink of choice alongside your meal. They also urge those who have underlying health conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes to take precautions when selecting items for their menus.

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