The Brightside: Award-winning Millville author

MILLVILLE, Del. – One author from Millville can now add award winning to his title and he says that wouldn’t be possible without his community of readers.

“It is historical fantasy, it’s based in the Viking age in the late 19th century, it follows the Addison family starting off with the first novel, which is Thorfinn and the Witch’s curse,” Jay Veloso Batista said.

Jay Veloso Batista is a Millville based author best known for his Forerunner book series. And as of 2021 he’s an award winning author.

“This year, I’ve been given two awards, one was the Richard Shelf book award out of England, which was awarded in April of 2021, and then the second award was from Readers Favorites, the bronze medal for fantasy,” Batista said.

The series has three books already with a fourth one coming in the Spring of 2022. The Delaware native says the awards make him want to keep putting pen to paper and show that self-publishing authors, even from small towns, can make an impact on readers around the world.

“It was very reaffirming, it was nice to know, I wrote these books, and I’ve been thinking about them for many years, and it’s nice to bring a book out and then have the wider literary community appreciate my work,” he said.

When readers pick his book up, Jay says they’re not just getting a fantasy novel packed with battles and sword fights and magic. They’re also getting a chance to learn some real history, something he spent hours studying, to make sure it was accurate in the books.

“You can learn about the time period, you can also learn about their myths and legends, and things that they believed,” he said.

Whether you’re reading from Delaware or Maryland or anywhere, you’ll get to travel the world through the books.

“I traveled to Newark, England, which is north, and I took the  biking tour, and so I set the novels in England, Ireland, and France and Norway,” Jay said.

All of that history, fantasy, and real-world escapism packed into this series of books that Jay says keeps drawing readers back for more.

“It’s a lot of cliffhangers, every chapter ends with something that draws you in, so a lot of the readers tell me they like the fact that it just keeps them reading, and they want to keep going and they’re waiting for the next book to come out,” he said.

If you’re interested in finding Jay’s books, you can just search Jay Veloso Batista on Amazon or find his books in some local bookstores.

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