Supply chain issues causing bikes shortages this holiday season

SALISBURY, Md.- With Christmas quickly approaching, gift ideas may be on your mind, and if a bike is on the list of things to buy, you may want to buy it now.

The president and owner of Salisbury Cycle and Fitness Inc. said while supply chain issues are improving with bike products there’s still an issue.

We’re told usually it takes the manufacturer 60 to 90 days to fill orders, but now, it’s running from 400 to 700 days leaving the shop to order bikes in advance, and with Christmas right around a corner, the owner has a message to those looking to give bikes as gifts.

“Well, when people see a bike they want, they better get it because the supply chain is just not caught up yet, even in the big box stores don’t have them,” Buz Carragher, the owner of Salisbury Cycle, said. “A lot of people are looking for their kids’ bike and they’re trying to adjust to the price structure because it’s a shock to see the price increase.”

We’re told bikes have gone up about 30%,  and the shop will likely see an increase of another 30%  by the first of the year.

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