Sponsor A Senior aims to reduce financial burden on older adults


FRUITLAND, Md. – In Fruitland, one local non-profit is stepping up to provide seniors support.

Sponsor a Senior Inc.’s goal is to reduce some of the financial burden for those older adults who have limited resources. We’re told, there’s an even greater need with inflation hitting the pockets of many.

Community members can submit a senior 62-years-old and up or become a sponsor with a one-time or monthly donation of $50. Organizers tell 47ABC that every penny counts.

“To be able to help them to not worry about where they’re going to get money to pay for food or their prescription that needs to be refilled. They need their medicine,” Founder Trenace Josiah said.  “So being able to help them alleviate some of that financial burden, even if its just $50 right? That’s a lot of money for someone who is struggling and that really needs it.”

Josiah tells us that once a senior is selected they can choose from three options that include receiving meats, a mixture of groceries through delivery, or a gift card to spend on things like prescriptions.

If you’d like to become a sponsor or donate, click here

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