Shopping handmade, local goods this holiday season

SALISBURY, Md. – We’ve all been hearing the warning for weeks now: start your holiday shopping early. That’s because supply chain issues, like shortages and delays, are posing some big challenges. But when you shop local, handmade goods, you can avoid some of those issues.

“I started planning Christmas probably in August, which is crazy,” Megan LeCates, the owner of LeCates Creates, said.

Megan runs a handmade, clay jewelry line based right in Delmar, Maryland. She’s one of many local creators who have been preparing for months for the holiday season.

“I know how special it is to have something handmade that feels like it’s a personal thing,” she said.

But beyond the sentimental value, buying something created by a local artist or creator can help you avoid supply chain issues.

Constance Melvin is the owner of the MudHud Clay Studio in Downtown Salisbury, and she says they’re stocked with handmade gifts, specifically to help you avoid those challenges, including shortages and delays.

“We have artists that made art that’s all across the store right now that are willing to sell, have it here right now because supply chain things are a big issue right now,” Constance said.

The items are already made, meaning the artists don’t need to wait for supplies to come in. Even for custom items, though, these creators have what they need to make the gifts.

“I always have something on hand that I can like make something for somebody,” Megan said.

And when you buy these handmade items, you can almost always avoid shipping the item, which has been another struggle. Melvin says to ship one of these items and guarantee it arrives on time, you’d have to dish out a lot of fees for expedited shipping.

Speaking about some local artwork for sale in the studio, Constance said, “Right now if you were to ship one of these bigger canvases it would cost you about $700-$800 just for the canvas itself.”

When you buy these local, you’re also bringing life to local businesses.

“Without the community, we wouldn’t survive, so right now we need that support, and not just to go to those box stores and buy a quick gift, you’re changing someone’s life when you shop local,” Constance said.

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