Second-hand stores preparing for uptick in business for holiday season

SALISBURY, Md. – This holiday, season due to supply chain issues some people might not be doing their holiday shopping at the big retail stores. Now that means places like thrift shops and resale boutiques might see an uptick in the number of customers that are coming in the door.

“We hope that local shoppers will come here first, and they’ll be able to get more bang for their holiday buck,” says Nancy Benjamin, owner of Benjamin’s Wear it Again Boutique.

For some bigger chain retail stores, we’re told it may not be so easy providing the supply.

“The stores are not fully stocked the way you would hope they would before a holiday season,” says Benjamin. Tenesha Davis, a store manager at Uptown Cheapskate adds, “When you go to certain stores in the area, the racks are kind of empty and it’s slim pickings.”

After a report from Reuters, it looks like a lot of those shoppers might be heading to second-hand stores instead to get what they need, specifically, clothing.

“If you’re looking for something specific, nine times out of ten, you can come to find it here for a third of the price,” says Davis. Benjamin adds, “We’re so well stocked with brand new items that we’re offering at a fraction of retail.”

Davis also gives her input on why she thinks they’re seeing an uptick in customers, “The supply chain issues, and I think some of it is also people who are just trying to be more mindful of what they’re spending.” Davis says they pride themselves on buying clothes from local partners, which is why they don’t experience supply chain issues. She adds, “Our suppliers are our customers, and we’re always looking for more products.”

Meanwhile, Benjamin’s boutique is an upscale resale boutique, and they have an array of retail consignment partners to help with supply. She said she’s lucky to be a business that is prepared for the holiday demand. “I’m grateful that my supply chain has not been interrupted and by looking around our store, you can see we have a ton of merchandise and lots of gift-worthy things for local shoppers.”

However, Benjamin and Davis both tell 47 ABC, although they’re glad their shelves are stocked, it’s the normalcy in their stores that holds a greater value. “I think everyone wants that human connection and most everyone is happy to be recognized and greeted and offered service in a safe environment,” says Benjamin.

Both stores also say they’re happy to provide a more sustainable future by recycling clothing.

Davis with Uptown Cheapskate and Benjamin with Benjamin’s Wear It Again say they’re always looking to purchase clothing, but they do have guidelines on what they can take in.

If you’d like to know more information about how you might be able to sell your clothing at Uptown Cheapskate, visit their website.

If you’d like to know more information about how you might be able to sell your clothing at Benjamin’s Wear It Again, click here.

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