Projected 1.1M Marylander’s will be traveling this Thanksgiving weekend, an increase from last year

SALISBURY, Md. – One of the busiest travel days of the year is officially here! People are hitting the road or jetting off in a plane to enjoy their Thanksgiving feast with loved ones, and experts tell us this year things are looking up.

“Here in Maryland, we are looking at 1.1 million Marylander’s who will be taking to the skies, taking to the roads, the vast majority of travelers will be driving to their holiday destinations,” Ragina Ali, Manager, Public and Government Affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic, said.

The pandemic shifted the way people travel and how safe they feel traveling, but Ali said this year they’re seeing pent-up demand.

“In a AAA Mid- Atlantic poll only 10 percent of travelers indicated that they felt COVID was a significant risk this year, which is down considerably when you look at last year about 43 percent of Marylander’s felt that way,” Ali said.

It can be seen by the congested roadways and airports.

“So will the airports,  as nearly an 80 percent increase and what AAA is projecting as far as Marylander’s who will be taking to the skies over this holiday,” Ali said.

At the Salisbury Regional Airport, they said things are going smooth so far, and it looks like passenger traffic is turning back to pre-pandemic levels.

“All of our flights are full, I talked with the station manager here for American Airlines, Tony Rudy, the Airport Manager, said.

“Our rental car lot was full this morning its slowly, cars are slowly moving out of there and I wouldn’t expect that that lot have any cars left by the end of the day,” Rudy said.

Which could mean longer lines, plus, the impacts caused by the pandemic.

“We have seen some issues obviously with staffing shortages, at airports, we’ve certainly seen delays,” Rudy said.

“We also just recently the United States opened our borders again to international travelers,” Ali said.

But on the upside, we’re told more travelers means more money.

“As it’s good not only for the airport but our tenants like American Airlines, our rental car companies, our parking lots full, so it just means more revenue for everyone,” Rudy said.

Rudy said if you have an early morning flight he suggests you come earlier, especially because they have multiple flights going out close to the same times, which can add to wait times.

We are told that Sunday will be busy as well as people are heading back, and if you’re traveling on the road, AAA suggests you check your tire pressure and your batteries.

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