Pfizer Announces new 90% effective anti-viral pill for COVID patients

DELMARVA – Pfizer is announcing a new drug for covid patients, that they say was 90 percent effective in stopping serious illnesses and death during their trial.

The new drug, unlike other treatments, is in the form of a pill. The anti-viral medication was shown in Pfizer’s study to lead to a less than one percent rate of hospitalization of those taking the drug after testing positive for COVID-19.

Dr. Jim Trumble from Tidal Health Peninsula Regional’s COVID response unit tells us, if the findings hold up during peer-review, it will be a major turning point in protecting immuno-compromised patients.

“Those are the people with the highest risk, they are coming into the hospital, and if we can give an intervention to them in the first couple of days when they start having symptoms, once you get tested and you are positive you can get started on a treatment with this medication pretty quickly and you really have a huge opportunity to not only keep them out of the hospital but prevent them from dying,” he said.

Dr. Trumble tells us it’s also exciting to have an antiviral medication that would be available as a pill, allowing for outpatient care, and making it easier for patients to adhere to a treatment regimen.

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