Parenting programming to create healthier lives for family unit


WORCESTER CO., Md. – The Worcester County Health Department is providing parents with resources with hopes of strengthening communication with their children.

The Guiding Good Choices and Family Nutrition programs are free and offered either online or in person, aiming to create healthier lives for the entire family unit. The program addresses topics like mental health and how factors like isolation have impacted both kids and adults.

The health department tells 47 ABC that once the pandemic hit, parents had to juggle many roles. We’re told the biggest benefit of the classes is the peer support aspect that allows parents to learn from others going through similar situations.

“As a parent, you are seen as the pillar or the rock for your kids but sometimes you’re not okay. So this is something with these courses that everyone can be very honest and open,” Public Affairs Officer Travis Brown said.

“You can be a perfect parent and you can still get something from these classes. As mentioned, a lot of it is just talking to the instructor and others about situations that arise and it’s good to know that you’re not the only one.”

The course also offers parents knowledge about drugs and alcohol and signs of use.

If you’d like to find out more about these programs, you can contact the health department at 410-632-1100 (ext. 106) or visit

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