Mountaire employees file to get rid of union at Selbyville plant

SELBYVILLE, Del. – Employees at Mountaire’s Selbyville processing plant will have the chance to vote to get ride of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 27 later this month.

We’re told an employee-led petition last month was accepted by the National Labor Relations Board, setting in motion the process to allow employees to vote to remove the UFCW as their representative.

The mail-in ballot will be sent to employees on November 18th, and will be due back to the NLRB by 3 p.m. on December 16th.

Employees previously asked for decertification of the UFCW but were denied the option due to a technicality. A mail-in ballot was held, but the union filed numerous challenges, leading to the NLRB throwing out the vote without counting it.

Selbyville is the only Mountaire Farms processing plant were unions are present. These units have been in place since it was purchased by Mountaire in 1977.

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