A look at pet acupuncture with Queenstown Veterinary Hospital

QUEENSTOWN, Md. – One local vet is offering a very unique treatment, pet acupuncture, for pets throughout the rest of this month and through December.

The medicine is being offered on select days at the Queenstown Veterinary Hospital to help certain pets. One vet at the hospital says it can be really beneficial for pets as they get older and perhaps lose some mobility, or struggle with arthritis. While watching the procedure may look uncomfortable, we’re told it does not hurt them.

“The needles are tiny, like little hair-like needles, so they really don’t even feel them, and they often will settle right in and take a nap… sometimes it boosts their energy, you can see that sometimes they’ll have a good amount of energy, but a lot of times, they’ll feel really good and they don’t feel the needles at all,” Dr. Stephanie Chabalko said.

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or finding out if acupuncture is right for your pet, you can contact the Queenstown vet for more information.

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