Weather Tidbits: Ecological Seasons I

This Weather Tidbits discusses the first three ecological seasons. Ecological seasons are based on when certain floral or animals events happen (blooms or hibernation). It consists of six seasons, which are prevernal, vernal, estival, serotinal, autumnal and hibernal. Prevernal season is when tree buds begin to swell while flowers begin to form bulbs; and also some birds begin to migrate from their winter to summer habitats. Prevernal starts as early as February and last as late as April.

Vernal season involves flowers blooming and animals returning. This includes tree buds bursting into leaves; while birds establish territories and starting mating and nesting. Vernal starts in March and ends by June. Estival season involves trees are in full leaf; while birds hatch and raise their offspring. it’s also the peak season for many plants and animals. Estival occurs during summer from June to August.



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